Mr Anand Tatavarthi

Anand, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is the Partner & General Manager of Business Process Innovation (Risk & Audit). He has 20 years’ Successful Expertise in IT Global Operations, Business Development and Technology / Product Management Innovative and possess acknowledged experience in Risk Management, Compliance & Audit Processes, business turnaround, reengineering processes & Business Excellence.

Anand is a strategic leader involved in managing non-standard customer commitments, providing technical expertise in all aspects of customer requirements analysis and solution designing. Outshone in heading 2 MNC subsidiary companies in India and most recently in Australia.

Mr Mark Kao

Mr. Mark Kao, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is a qualified consultant and specialises in the field of information security, auditing and accountancy. Mark currently runs his business specialising in Business Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in Taiwan.

He had previously worked for one of the big 4 accounting firms in Taiwan; and his clients include companies in the power and energy, telecommunications, tax administration, inland revenue and airport management sectors.

Mr Mel Gosling

Mel Gosling, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is the Founder and Managing Director of Merrycon Ltd, UK, a company that specialises in providing Business Continuity services. He is a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), and is Merrycon’s principal consultant in Business Continuity, with more than 17 years of experience in the field of Business Continuity Management (BCM).

Mel is an accredited trainer for the BCI (including CBCI Certification Course) and has provided Business Continuity training to a wide variety of organisations and individuals, and has been both a facilitator and trainer in the Learning Stream at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 BCM World Conferences.

Mr Duncan Ford

Mr. Duncan Ford, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd and Partner at Corpress LLP, UK, is a Business Continuity Management/Contingency Planning expert with over 20 years’ experience in Crisis Management and all aspects of Business Continuity Management. Particular experience includes implementing supply chain continuity management solutions, training senior crisis management teams, developing Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Plans, and assessing proposed solutions to ensure that critical processes and resources are recoverable within required timescales.

He has also been the Crisis and Continuity Manager for a large international insurance company.

Ms Lynne Donaldson

Ms Lynne Donaldson, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd and Partner at Corpress LLP, UK, is a HR and communications professional with broad business experience, gained from a diverse range of executive and Board level positions held during close to 25 years in the oil and gas sector.

Lynne was previously Director of HR & Communications for the UK subsidiary of a European energy major; and more recently, Head of Consultancy for a global commercial business providing consultancy and training in emergency and crisis management, including provision of a 24/7 response services.

Mr. Ahmad Kabra

Mr. Ahmad Kabra, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is the Partner & CEO and board member of Ventures Middle East. He is also the Chairman of Ventures Healthcare.
His primary responsibility is to oversee the business development and operations of the Company and its subsidiaries in investment processes, company’s planning, budgeting and analysis.

As a Business Consultant himself, Mr. Ahmad Kabra has vast experience in consultancy services. Over the last fifteen (15) years, he has consulted many large local and multinational companies in investments, growth development, competitive improvement, restructuring, risk management and customer and market strategies

Dr David Kirkham

Dr. David is managing director of Calistro Consultants Limited, UK, established as a specialise international consultancy since 1979.

Acknowledged internationally as an authority on strategic management under uncertainty, Dr. David has worked with corporate teams for twenty-four years across five continents in most industrial and commercial sectors and advises government on strategic risk and crisis management. He is well-known for his imaginative, challenging and realistic simulations for senior management teams and is acknowledged internationally as an authority on crisis simulation. He has also worked with corporate crisis management teams in such sectors as oil & gas, transportation, pharmaceutical & bio-technology, steel, mining, banking, insurance, IT and power generation and works closely with the public sector on strategic risk management.

He has taught at Liverpool, Ulster and Sheffield Universities on Master’s programmes, for Laureate Education International, for the UK Fire Service College and for professional engineering institutes.

At present, GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd (GRCCS) is internationally affiliated via our International Advisory Panel Members in the following countries:

Mr Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is a broadly skilled and experienced Principal Advisor and Director of Blue Zoo, Australia, specialising in Governance and Strategic Planning, Business Continuity Management, Risk and Resilience, and Organisational Change Management.

Mark has an excess of 15 years’ experience; in particular, as a subject matter expert advising on IT DRP, business continuity, capability maturity and best practice organisational review, and business improvement initiatives within the Banking and Financial Services, Mining and Resources, Engineering, and Government sectors.

Mr Kevin Holtzhausen

Kevin Holtzhausen, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is the Director of Global GRC solutions with CURA Australia and responsible for business development for the Asia-Pacific region.

He has over 12 years of experience as Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the GRC software industry. He is an engineering professional skilled in Business Process, Enterprise Risk Management, Requirements Analysis, Business Process Design, and is ISO31000 Certified. He is also responsible for pre-sales, design and demonstration of proof-of-concept for CURA Software..

Kevin has implemented CURA Software across multiple regions and different industries in Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia and India.

Mr Martin Garner

Martin Garner, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is the Director at Sherwood GM Pte Ltd, Singapore, a GRC Solutions Provider and also the Chartered Director - Regional Ambassador Singapore for the Institute of Directors. Chartered Director activity is dedicated to the generation of awareness, creation of news, networks and activities that raise the profile of Chartered Director.

Martin is also a Partner at HIM Governance Pte Ltd, a Governance Solution & Service Organisation.

Mr Yoshiki Tsuchida

Mr. Yoshiki Tsuchida, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is a highly qualified consultant. He is also the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of AMEV Consulting and Investment Inc., a financial advisory firm in Vietnam.

He has extensive working experience in Vietnam, having lived there for more than 18 years and has worked in various premier organizations such as ORIX Corporation and 2 of the big 4 accounting firms in Hanoi. He specialises in matters relating to market entry and investment activities in Vietnam including Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Mr David John Evans

Mr. David John Evans, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd and Partner at Corpress LLP, UK, has extensive consultancy experience in the fields of crisis and risk management, organisational vulnerability and communications. David was responsible for the development and delivery of services in business continuity, crisis and risk management to a wide range of business sectors including independent and national oil companies, financial institutions - banking and insurance.

His work included advising major international companies on strategic issues relating to risk and response; has facilitated boards responding to strategic threats and has been actively engaged with the development of guidance for directors and senior management including implementation of ISO 22301.

Mr David J. Window

David J. Window, Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd, is a Director at Continuity 22301 Ltd. He is a Member of the BCI, MBCI and instructor of the Good Practice Guidelines course as an approved BCI tutor worldwide in such locations as America, Africa and Asia and the UK. He has also authored a British Computer Society, Chartered Institute of IT Business Continuity Practitioner course and a Risk and Supply Chain Continuity Management course. He has presented on supply chain continuity for the BCI on two occasions at the BCI China Conference and various UK BCI and BSI events.

David was the UK Principal Expert for the ISO 292 Technical Committee, in Morioka, Japan in 2015 that has finalised the ISO 22318 technical specification. Most recently David won the BCI European Personality of the year award 2015 and has posted blogs during Business Continuity awareness Week (BCAW) and articles for the BCI’s CONTINUITY Magazine on the link between Business Continuity and Supply Change Management. He has also chaired at the BCI World Conference for the BCI.

Mr Nathaniel Forbes

Nathaniel Forbes is an entertaining trainer, speaker and writer. He founded and manages the consulting, outsourcing and placement firm Forbes Calamity Prevention (FCP) in Singapore.

For 18 years, he has provided business continuity-, emergency- and crisis management planning to multinational companies including ABN Amro Bank, BP, Celestica, Gillette, OCBC Bank, Pfizer, Singapore Exchange, Siemens, Wyeth Nutrition – and popular Singapore restaurants Brewerkz, Café Iguana and Wine Garage. Nathaniel writes ZDNet Asia’s blog “BCP Confidential” and FCP’s informative email newsletter. One attendee at his BCP presentation to the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore called it “one of the best I’ve seen given.” To learn more about Nathaniel, just type “Nathaniel Forbes” into your favourite internet search engine.

Nathaniel is an MBCI (Member, Business Continuity Institute) and was Singapore National Representative for the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM).