Dr Raymond Wong

Dr Raymond Wong

GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd

Qualifications and professional membership

Akamai University, USA

MBA (UK) Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

Post-Grad Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in Business, University of Lancashire, UK

Certificate, Institute of Bankers, UK

Associate Member, Malaysian Institute of Management

Associate Member, Institute Bank-Bank Malaysia

Alumni Member, Heriot Watt Club (M)

Pro-tem President, Universiti Putra Malaysia PhD Alumni Club

President, Lions Club KL-West, 2012/2013

Dr. Wong an associate member of the Malaysian Institute of Management and Institute Bank-Bank Malaysia, has vast experience & exposure into the Banking Group Cash Management, Branch Accounting & Administration, Electronic Data Interchange and Branches operations.

Apart from serving as a focus member in the enhancement of systems & workflow processes, he resolved many multi-million suspense accounts and developed a methodology and accounting package for Foreign Monies’ computation and revaluation attributable from complications of systems differential of merged bank entities.

In addition, Dr. Wong has from a 1-day management audit format designed by him led to the discovery of a couple of multi-million ringgit frauds. In recognition of his outstanding achievements and dedication, he sets a precedent as the 1st time recipient of a Fraud Buster Award accorded to him by the Chairman of the Bank in Year 2005.

After he left the Bank, Dr. Wong was recruited as a financial consultant for a gaming organization and few other companies. His expertise also landed him with a consultancy job jointly with a Chartered Surveyor firm where he conducts property audit and site inspection on the various branches of a listed Public Company in Peninsula Malaysia.

A year later Dr. Wong was engaged as the Marketing Consultant to the Arnold Health & Scalarco Group on Green Environmental products and presently the Advisor to GRC Consulting Services Sdn. Bhd. In the academic field, Dr. Wong is a certified holder of the Institute of Bankers (UK), a Business Degree with University of Lancashire (UK) and a Master degree in Business Administration with Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

He sat for his PhD final comprehensively & oral and was examine & successfully graded by University Putra Malaysia. However, he continued his PhD thesis in USA and was awarded with a doctorate degree in Year 2007.

In his contribution to society, Dr. Wong had served as the secretary and is still actively a member of the Alumni Heriot Watt Club (M), the pro-tem President of UPM PhD Alumni Club and formerly the President of a Lions Club International for the Year 2012/13, which is a charitable organization for the sick, old, orphanage and the needy.