GRC and Human Capital Development are essential components of a well-governed and well-managed organisation, reflective of the name of our organisation. At GRC Consulting Services Sdn Bhd (GRCCS), we provide you with a wide range of business advisory services to address your needs in Corporate Governance, Corporate Strategic Planning, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Internal Audit and Human Capital Development. We also provide special projects services to meet our client's specific requirements.

Our GRC and Human Capital Development are supported by GRC Integrated Software Hundreds of organisations worldwide rely on CURA Software to make GRC more effective and efficient; for instance our CURA Software has offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Hyderabad, Singapore, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur and a network of distributors worldwide.
Corporate Governance
We provide the latest in thinking on Corporate Governance to our clients to enhance their practices to meet new regulations and to satisfy their stakeholders’ need for a higher standard of governance and compliance:
Corporate Governance Advisory
Board Effectiveness Assessment
Governance Effectiveness Review
Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control Review
Enterprise Risk Management
We instil risk management culture in our clients with in-depth ERM services for the Board of Directors and Senior Management:
Formulating Board Risk Policies
Establishing ERM Function
Risk Identification and Assessment
Risk Action Plan Implementation and Monitoring
Business Continuity Management
We have expertise in all aspects of Business Continuity Management and experiences in implementing Business Continuity programme in organisations:
Business Continuity Project Management
Business Impact Analysis
Risk Analysis and Review
Recovery Strategies
Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Simulation Exercise
Corporate Strategic Planning
We assist our clients in facilitating the Corporate Strategic Planning based on our in-depth corporate experiences at both the Board of Directors and Senior Management levels. We enable our clients to formulate a robust vision, achievable missions, a strategic thrust, and a clear direction:
Vision and Mission Statements
Strategic Analysis
Risk-based Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Key Performance Indicators
Internal Audit
We provide comprehensive Internal Audit Services for our clients to meet their assurance needs. We assess the adequacy and effectiveness of controls in an organisation and provide independent and objective assurance to the Audit Committee:
Establishment of Internal Audit Function
Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-sourcing
Risk-based Internal Audit
Compliance Audit
Process-based Audit
Control Self-assessment
Special Projects
We provide special GRC services based on the requirements of our clients, namely:
Sarbanes-Oxley Advisory Services
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
Fraud Prevention Programmes
Whistle-blowing Programme and Hotline
GRC Related Training
Human Resource Transformation
We assist our client to elevate the performance of the organisation in the following services:
Knowledge Management
Change Management
Human Resource Management Information System Advisory
Talent Management
Building High Performance Teams
Motivation, Supervision and Time Management
Business Relation Management
Retirement Planning Programme
Conflict Management
Stress Management
Human Resource Skills Development and Training
We provide innovative and specialised training on Human Capital that can deliver improvement in workforce and the performance of your organisation:
Leadership Training
Effective Supervisory & Leadership Skills
Communication Skills
Business Network Skills
Customer Service
Public Speaking
Effective Presentation
Negotiation Skills
Business English and Report Writing
GRCCS works in partnership with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), United Kingdom to offer world class business continuity training on a global basis.

GRCCS is a Licensed Training Provider (Licensed Training Partner No. 0042) for the BCI in Malaysia to deliver BCI Certification course. Our BCI training is based on the BCI's Good Practice Guideline (GPG 2018) which themselves are aligned with the ISO 22301:2012.

In addition, GRCCS also delivers more advanced specialist business continuity skills training of the BCI as follows:
Introduction to Business Continuity
Advanced BIA Course
Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises Course
Incident Response and Crisis Management Course
Business Continuity Management System Audit Course
Policy and Programme Management Course
Supply Chain Continuity Management Course
Writing Business Continuity Plans Course
Cura's Enterprise Risk Management solutions are available as standalone applications or as an add-on module to a more comprehensive implementation based on the Cura enterprise GRC Platform, a common infrastructure for organizations
to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance information on an enterprise-wide basis.
The following the Key Solution offerings from Cura:
Enterprise Risk Management
Operational Risk Management
Internal Audit
Information Security Risk Management
Legal Compliance Management
Incident Management
Risk Based Internal Audit
Business Continuity Management
Policy Management
Data Privacy Management (POPI & GDPR)
Our software solutions have been developed based on more than ten years of experience helping hundreds of organisations comply with myriad regulations, optimise GRC and gain better visibility into business operations.

Founded in 2002, CURA Software has offices in Boston, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Hyderabad, Singapore, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur and a network of distributors worldwide. CURA is a subsidiary of CURA Technologies Ltd., traded on India NSE & BSE Stock Exchanges.

We are the leading provider of GRC Integrated Software in Malaysia. The Governance Manager Software is developed by Blue Zoo, an Australian Company, and supported by our partner in Singapore. Governance Manager Software is different from other software in that it works a layer above, helping a company’s GRC capabilities to be benchmarked with best practices, adapting to the business culture and nature of the business operating context.
The Governance Manager Software comprises the following modules:
Corporate Governance
Environmental, Social and Governance
Human Capital Governance
Not-for-Profit Governance
Project Governance
Risk and Continuity Governance
Technology Governance
Each module provides you with a comprehensive view of overall practices by combining a multiple maturity framework for related disciplines, each leveraging international standards and recognised best practices. In addition, each framework in the module is represented by proven governance architecture of Principles and Critical Elements, Capability Maturity Models, Suggested Improvements and Additional Resources.

In addition, Governance Manager Software won the Australasian Innovation of the Year Award in 2013 and was the winner of the 2014 Innovation of the Year at the BCI ASIA Business Continuity Awards 2014.

GRCCS is pleased to present our Alacer Mass Notification Solution (Alacer) - an innovative software solution with Mobile Application (Mobile App) and Web-based Application - featuring the following three key solutions to address your communication requirements on managing any incident, crisis or disaster:
Incident Reporting Solution
Enables text, photo, video, Geographic Information System (GIS) and voice reporting of an incident on a real time basis by any Mobile App Users;
Mass Notification Solution
Enables mass notification of instant messages to endpoint devices
– Push Notification, SMS and email. Super Users can monitor on the response status and action to be taken via both Mobile App and Web-based Application;
Intelligent Business Continuity Management (BCM) Solution
Enables users to make reference to your BCM Plans on recovery, resumption and restoration of critical & time sensitive products & services via Mobile App.
In addition, Alacer features a robust analytics, Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities, and flexible contact management:
Anticipate, Target, Two-Communicate
Geo-intelligent Tools/ Geographic Information System
Simple, Intuitive User Experience (Email, SMS, Voice, Land line, Push Notification)
Global Ready
Analyse, Report and Quick Decision
Advanced Mobility and Connectivity

Expense8™ is owned by 8common (ASX: 8CO), Expense8™ is an Australian developed product. Headquartered in Sydney, 8common prides itself on having local employees to service your organisation. Our support, implementation consultants and development teams focus on delivering a solution to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.

Expense8™ is a software product that allows organisations to manage their employee-generated expenses and corporate travel, through a simple and intuitive web browser-based user interface. Expense8™ is a rebranded version of a product called iCMS, which has existed since 1996 and contains a sophisticated set of functionality that has evolved across many years of feedback from a diverse range of clients. It is a completely web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that will be able to manage all of the mass credit card, procurements cards and reimbursements that your users need to process. Expense8™ has over 20 years of experience in the Expense Management industry.

  • Expense Management – Expense8™ is tailored to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.
  • Easy to navigate dashboard – Our simple and intuitive user interface is designed with minimal button clicks, which lets you complete regular tasks in a matter of seconds.
  • Integrated tax Wizards – Regardless of your taxation rules and requirements, our Tax Wizard automatically determines the tax applicability of expenses.
  • Effortless Connectivity – Enforce valid combinations of ERP Codes, e.g. certain Account Codes matched with certain Cost Centres, without your employees knowing them in detail.
  • Corporate Travel – Our Corporate Travel module offers a unique Pre-Trip Approval function that lets your employees easily plan and book corporate travel.
  • Travel Allowance calculator – Automatically calculate your employees’ travel allowance based on different parameters, such as destination and employee type.
  • Real Time data Access – Expense8™ delivers accurate travel costs, allowing your employees to leverage real-time information when creating a trip for approval.
  • Easy & Secure Process – Managers are presented with sufficient, high-level, information, making it easy to approve your employees’ corporate travel.

RiskVision ™, a purpose-built Risk Management platform, allows you to transform your organisation with pro-active, collaborative, real-time, context-aware approach. Risk is influenced by three key factors: compliance posture, threats and vulnerabilities, and business impact. Agiliance RiskVision aggregates critical information about your compliance posture with current, new, and emerging threats and calculates impact on your business operations to action remediation and ongoing risk management across financial, operational, and security domains. To provide you with a holistic view of your organisation's risk posture, RiskVision ™ harmonizes multiple risk frameworks to marry top-down risk modelling with bottom-up controls automation.

Why RiskVision ™

  • Real-time context and visualisation to action all enterprise risks
  • Operational efficiency connecting the SOC with the NOC
  • Continuous compliance to achieve auditor readiness
  • Closed-loop risk remediation
  • Built-to-scale platform
  • Time-to-value solution

PECB is a certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards. We help professionals and organizations to show commitment and competence with internationally recognized standards by providing this assurance through the education, evaluation and certiļ¬cation against rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements.

ISO22301 Certification Courses:

PECB ISO22301 Introduction:

Introduction to the implementation of a business continuity management system (BCMS) based on ISO22301

PECB ISO22301 Foundation:

Get familiarised with the best practices for implementing and managing a business continuity management system (BCMS) based on ISO22301

PECB ISO 22301 Lead Auditor:

Mastering the audit of a business continuity management system (BCMS) based on ISO 22301, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 19011 and ISO 17021

PECB ISO22301 Lead Implementer:

Mastering the implementation and management of a business continuity management system (BCMS) based on ISO 22301

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